OpenGL Performer  Programmer's Guide

Document Number: 007-1680-100


Written by George Eckel and Ken Jones

Illustrated by Chrystie Danzer and Chris Wengelski

Production by Karen Jacobson

Engineering contributions by Angus Dorbie, Paolo Farinelli, Tom Flynn, Yair Kurzion, Radomir Mech, Alexandre Naaman, Marcin Romaszewicz, Stace Peterson, Allan Schaffer, and Jenny Zhao


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Many of the techniques and methods disclosed in this Programmer's Guide are covered by patents held by Silicon Graphics including U.S. Patent Nos. 5,051,737; 5,369,739; 5,438,654; 5,394,170; 5,528,737; 5,528,738; 5,581,680; 5,471,572 and patent applications pending.

We encourage you to use these features in your OpenGL Performer application on SGI systems.

This functionality and OpenGL Performer are not available for re-implementation and distribution on other platforms without the explicit permission of Silicon Graphics.

Record of Revision

Revision 0201994 
Original publication.

Revision 060November 2000 
Updated for the 2.4 version of OpenGL Performer.

Revision 070November 2001 
Updated for the 2.5 version of OpenGL Performer.

Revision 080December 2002  
Updated for the 3.0 version of OpenGL Performer.

Revision 090December 2003 
Updated for the 3.1 version of OpenGL Performer.

Revision 100November 2004 
Updated for the 3.2 version of OpenGL Performer.