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Figure 1-1. Section of the New Jerusalem City Hall
Figure 2-1. OpenGL Performer Library Hierarchy
Figure 2-2. Parallel Pipeline Processes
Figure 2-3. Relationship of OpenGL Performer to Database Formats
Figure 3-1. Partial Inheritance Graph of OpenGL Performer Data Types
Figure 4-1. Data-to-Display
Figure 4-2. Scene Graph Hierarchy
Figure 4-3. Camera with Viewing Volume
Figure 4-4. Multiprocessing Frames in the Pipe
Figure 4-5. Simulation Loop
Figure 5-1. Multiple Windows, Multiple Channels
Figure 5-2. Bounding Sphere
Figure 5-3. Viewing Frustum
Figure 5-4. Heading, Pitch, and Roll Values
Figure 5-5. Multiple Channels
Figure 5-6. Axes Orientation in Performer
Figure 5-7. Pipe Stages
Figure 6-1. Multiple Parent Nodes
Figure 6-2. Loading Scene Graphs
Figure 6-3. Processes Acting on Scene Graph
Figure 6-4. Scene Graph Traversal Flow
Figure 7-1. Primitives
Figure 7-2. Arrays of Stripped Primitives
Figure 7-3. Indexing Arrays
Figure 7-4. Deciding whether to Index Attributes
Figure 7-5. Geometry Objects
Figure 8-1. Applying Textures to Geometries
Figure 8-2. Texture Coordinates
Figure 8-3. Light Characteristics
Figure 9-1. Shared Space
Figure 9-2. Order of Transformations
Figure 9-3. pfEngine Drives a pfFlux Node Animating a pfFCS Node
Figure 9-4. pfFlatten
Figure 9-5. pfdCleanTree
Figure 10-1. Double Buffering
Figure 10-2. Frame Rate
Figure 10-3. Phase Control over Three Frames
Figure 11-1. OpenGL Performer Stages
Figure 11-2. Multiprocessing in the Graphics Pipeline
Figure 11-3. Shared Memory Arena
Figure 11-4. PFMP_CULLoDRAW
Figure 11-5. Four Common Multiprocessing Models
Figure 12-1. Memory Pages
Figure 12-2. Creating the Buffer and Changes
Figure 12-3. Linking and Deleting Nodes
Figure 12-4. Merging Scene Graph Changes
Figure 13-1. Approximating a Shape with Segments
Figure 13-2. Hits Array
Figure 14-1. Shared Memory Arena
Figure 15-1. Statistics Display
Figure 15-2. Various Statistical Modes
Figure 15-3. Culling Process
Figure 15-4. Real Size of Viewport Rendered under Increasing Stress
Figure 15-5. pfLOD Ranges
Figure C-1. Simulated View of an Atrium
Figure C-2. Another Simulated View of the Atrium
Figure C-3. Simulated View of a Castle
Figure C-4. Simulated Hallway View
Figure C-5. Simulated Hotel Lobby
Figure C-6. Simulated Waiting Room
Figure C-7. Simulated Conference Room
Figure C-8. Parliament Stairway
Figure C-9. Unity Temple Interior
Figure C-10. Yosemite
Figure C-11. DI-Guy
Figure C-12. Palace
Figure C-13. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Figure C-14. Hasparen
Figure C-15. Clouds
Figure C-16. Ocean and Marine Effects Simulation
Figure C-17. Night Image