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Table 1-1. Scaling of NAS Parallel Benchmark on a Bus Architecture
Table 1-2. Scaling of NAS Parallel Benchmark on the Origin 2000
Table 1-3. Bisection Bandwidth and Memory Latency
Table 4-1. Derived Statistics Reported by perfex -y
Table 4-2. Derived statistics computed on R12000 and R14000 CPUs
Table 4-3. SpeedShop Sampling Time Bases
Table 5-1. Compiler Option Groups
Table 5-2. Instruction Schedule for Basic DAXPY
Table 5-3. Instruction Schedule for Unrolled DAXPY
Table 6-1. Cache Effect on Performance of Matrix Multiply
Table 6-2. Cache Blocking Performance of Large Matrix Multiply
Table 7-1. LNO Options and Directives for Cache Blocking
Table 8-1. Forms of the Data Distribution Directives
Table 8-2. Distance in Router Hops Between Any Nodes in an 8-Node System
Table B-1. R10000 Countable Events