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Table 2-1. OpenVault Objects
Table 2-2. mount Mode Tokens
Table 2-3. Current Working Set 1 of Volumes and Attributes
Table 2-4. Current Working Set 2 of Volumes and Attributes
Table 2-5. Current Working Set 3 of Volumes and Attributes
Table 2-6. Current Working Set 4 of Volumes and Attributes
Table 2-7. String Comparison Suffixes
Table 4-1. CAPI and CAPI/R Lexical Library Routines
Table 4-2. Predefined mount Tokens
Table 4-3. Predefined Cartridge Form Factor Tokens
Table 4-4. Predefined Bit Format Tokens
Table 4-5. Predefined Media Type Tokens
Table 4-6. Predefined Partition Name Tokens
Table 4-7. Predefined Attribute Name Tokens
Table A-1. Error Messages for AAPI and CAPI
Table A-2. AAPI Commands and Their Error Messages
Table B-1. AAPI and CAPI Language Syntax