Administrative application programming interface and administrative API response, languages for communicating between OpenVault administrative applications and the media library manager (MLM) server.


A machine-readable representation of a physical cartridge label (PCL).

barcode reader

A laser-optical reader that scans a barcode and then uses logic to translate from a scanned barcode to a human-readable representation, such as volume serial number.


A physical grouping of slots in a common unit of housing where cartridges are stored. Usually a bay contains storage locations for cartridges, optional drives, and one or more
transfer agents to move cartridges around.


A cartridge is the unit of physical operation and management within a library. A cartridge contains one or more pieces of media, and has a certain form factor. The most common forms of cartridge are for magnetic tape and laser- or magneto-optical disk.


Client application programming interface and client API response, languages for communicating between OpenVault client applications and the media library manager (MLM) server.


A magnetic or optical device for accessing media inside a cartridge mounted in a slot.

MLM server

The mediator between OpenVault applications and library or drive control programs.


A region on the recording surface of a piece of media that has a physical beginning and ending that can be accessed by a drive. Typically, each piece of media has a single partition, which spans the entire recordable surface of the media. However, there are drives that support partitioning of this recordable surface, such as DDS2 and D2 tape, such that a single piece of media may contain multiple partitions.

PCL (physical cartridge label)

Some form of identification on the outside of the cartridge, as opposed to being stored on media inside the cartridge. A PCL may contain a machine-readable label (barcode), but it must also contain a human-readable text portion.


A door or opening where cartridges may be inserted into or removed from the library.

removable media library

A robotic device (usually) with storage slots and drives for accessing multiple cartridges.


For tape cartridges containing one piece of recording media, with all recording surfaces accessible when loaded in a drive, the cartridge contains one side. For a multi-sided cartridge, access to a side requires that the cartridge be mounted in a drive with a particular orientation (for side A of optical disk, the cartridge must be positioned for mount with side A up).


A storage location for a cartridge, with a form factor that determines which kinds of cartridges it can hold.


A persistent table associated with a single library. For each cartridge contained by that library, this table maps the physical cartridge label (PCL) to a slot within the library.