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Table 2-1. Headers and Link Lines for OpenGL and Associated Libraries
Table 2-2. Integrating OpenGL and X
Table 4-1. X Visuals and Supported OpenGL Rendering Modes
Table 4-2. Visual Attributes Introduced by the FBConfigs
Table 4-3. FBConfig Attribute Defaults and Sorting Criteria
Table 6-1. Type and Context Information for GLX Context Attributes
Table 6-2. Heuristics for Visual Selection
Table 8-1. Additional Texture Combiner Operations
Table 8-2. New Arguments for Texture Combiner Operations
Table 8-3. New Arguments for Texture Combiner Operations (Alpha-Related)
Table 8-4. New Floating Point Internal Formats for Textures
Table 8-5. S3TC Compressed Formats and Corresponding Base Formats
Table 8-6. Modification of Texture Components
Table 8-7. Texture and Texture Color Tables on InfiniteReality Systems
Table 8-8. Magnification Filters for Detail Texture
Table 8-9. How Detail Texture Is Computed
Table 8-10. Magnification Filters for Sharpen Texture
Table 8-11. Texture Select Host Format Components Mapping
Table 9-1.  Blending Factors Defined by the Blend Color Extension
Table 9-2. Mapping of SGIS and ARB tokens for Multisampling
Table 10-1. Types That Use Packed Pixels
Table 12-1. NURBS Tessellator Callbacks and Their Description
Table 12-2. Tessellation Methods
Table 13-1. Builtin and Generic Vertex Program Attributes
Table 13-2. Fragment Program Attributes
Table 13-3. Program Environment and Local Parameters
Table 13-4. Material Property Bindings
Table 13-5. Light Property Bindings
Table 13-6. Texture Coordinate Generation Property Bindings
Table 13-7. Texture Environment Property Bindings
Table 13-8. Fog Property Bindings
Table 13-9. Clip Plane Property Bindings
Table 13-10. Point Property Bindings
Table 13-11. Depth Property Bindings
Table 13-12. Matrix Property Bindings
Table 13-13. Vertex Program Output
Table 13-14. Fragment Program Output
Table 13-15. Program Instructions (Fragment and Vertex Programs)
Table 13-16. Program Instructions (Fragment Programs Only)
Table 13-17. Program Instructions (Vertex Programs Only)
Table 13-18. Program Resource Limits
Table 13-19. Program Resource Usage
Table 14-1. Command-Line Options for ogldebug
Table 14-2. Command Buttons and Shortcuts
Table 14-3. ogldebug Check Boxes
Table 15-1. Factors Influencing Performance
Table B-1. Errors Returned by libpdb Routines
Table C-1. Support for OpenGL Core Versions
Table C-2. OpenGL Extensions on Different Silicon Graphics Systems
Table C-3. GLX Extensions on Different Silicon Graphics Systems
Table D-1. Input Video Formats (Framelock)
Table D-2. Options for Monitor Layout