List of Examples

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Example 2-1. Simple IRIS IM Program
Example 3-1. Motif Program That Handles Mouse Events
Example 3-2. Simple Xlib Example Program
Example 3-3. Event Handling With Xlib
Example 3-4. Font and Text Handling
Example 4-1. Popup Code Fragment
Example 4-2. Retrieving the Default Colormap for a Visual
Example 5-1. Checking for Extensions
Example 5-2. Querying Extension Function Pointers
Example 8-1. Simple 3D Texturing Program
Example 8-2. Detail Texture Example
Example 8-3. Sharpen Texture Example
Example 9-1. NV_occlusion_query Example
Example 9-2. Point Parameters Example
Example 9-3. Sprite Example Program
Example 11-1. Video Resize Extension Example
Example 12-1. Instruments Example Pseudo Code
Example 17-1. Drawing Pixels Fast
Example 17-2. Example Program—Performance Tuning