OpenGL® on Silicon Graphics Systems

Document Number: 007-2392-003


Written by Renate Kempf and Jed Hartman. Revised by Ken Jones.

Illustrated by Dany Galgani, Martha Levine, and Chrystie Danzer

Production by Allen Clardy and Karen Jacobson

Engineering contributions by Allen Akin, Steve Anderson, David Blythe, Sharon Rose Clay, Terrence Crane, Kathleen Danielson, Tom Davis, Celeste Fowler, Ziv Gigus, David Gorgen, Paul Hansen, Paul Ho, Simon Hui, George Kyriazis, Mark Kilgard, Phil Lacroute, Jon Leech, Mark Peercy, Dave Shreiner, Chris Tanner, Joel Tesler, Gianpaolo Tommasi, Bill Torzewski, Bill Wehner, Nancy Cam Winget, Paula Womack, David Yu, and others.

Some of the material in this book is from “OpenGL from the EXTensions to the SOLutions,” which is part of the developer's toolbox.

St. Peter's Basilica image courtesy of ENEL SpA and InfoByte SpA. Disk Thrower image courtesy of Xavier Berenguer, Animatica.


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Record of Revision

Revision 0011996 
Original publication.

Revision 0021998 
Updated to support OpenGL 1.1.

Revision 003March 2005 

Updated to support OpenGL 1.3 and extensions to support Onyx4 and Silicon Graphics Prism systems.