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Table 3-1. Include Lines in IRIS GL and OpenGL Programs
Table 3-2. Include Lines for IRIS GL and OpenGL Motif Widgets
Table 3-3. State Attribute Groups
Table 3-4. Calls for Clearing the Screen
Table 3-5. Matrix Operations
Table 3-6. Matrix Modes
Table 3-7. Arguments for Transformation Matrix Queries
Table 3-8. Viewport Calls
Table 3-9. Clipping Plane Calls
Table 3-10. Calls for Drawing Quadrics
Table 3-11. Calls for Drawing Primitives
Table 3-12. Valid Commands Inside a Begin/End Structure
Table 3-13. Calls for Drawing Points
Table 3-14. Calls for Drawing Lines
Table 3-15. Calls for Drawing Polygons
Table 3-16. Polygon Modes
Table 3-17. Polygon Stipple Calls
Table 3-18. Tessellated Polygon Calls
Table 3-19. Calls for Drawing Triangles
Table 3-20. Calls for Drawing Arcs and Circles
Table 3-21. Calls for Drawing Spheres
Table 3-22. Color Calls
Table 3-23. Shading and Dithering
Table 3-24. Pixel Operations
Table 3-25. Calls for Managing Fog
Table 3-26. Fog Parameters
Table 3-27. Fog Modes
Table 3-28. Calls for Managing NURBS Objects
Table 3-29. Calls for Drawing NURBS Curves
Table 3-30. NURBS Curve Types
Table 3-31. Calls for Drawing NURBS Trimming Curves
Table 3-32. Calls for Drawing NURBS Surfaces
Table 3-33. NURBS Surface Types
Table 3-34. Blending Calls
Table 3-35. Blending Factors
Table 3-36. Alpha Test Functions
Table 3-37. Calls to Draw Antialiased Primitives
Table 3-38. Accumulation Buffer Calls
Table 3-39. Accumulation Buffer Operations
Table 3-40. Stencil Operations
Table 3-41. Display List Commands
Table 3-42. Lighting and Materials Commands
Table 3-43. Material Definition Parameters
Table 3-44. Lighting Model Parameters
Table 3-45. Light Parameters
Table 3-46. Texture Commands
Table 3-47. Texture Environment Options
Table 3-48. IRIS GL and OpenGL Texture Parameters
Table 3-49. Values for IRIS GL and OpenGL Texture Parameters
Table 3-50. Texture Coordinate Names
Table 3-51. Texture Generation Modes and Planes
Table 3-52. Calls for Picking
Table 3-53. Feedback Calls
Table 3-54. RealityEngine Calls
Table A-1. IRIS GL Commands and Their OpenGL Equivalents
Table C-1. Command Suffixes and Corresponding Argument Types
Table C-2. OpenGL Equivalents to C Data Types
Table C-3. glGetError() Return Values