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Table 1-1. OCTANE Personal Video Connectors
Table 1-2. Video Formats for OCTANE Personal Video Memory Nodes
Table 2-1. VL Event Masks
Table 3-1. Nodes and Data Transfer Controls
Table 3-2. Dimensions for Timing Choices
Table 3-3. VL_FORMAT and VL_COLORSPACE Correspondence
Table 3-4. Using VL_FORMAT to Select Input Connector (Video Source Nodes)
Table 3-5. VL_VIDEO Source Nodes
Table 3-6. Using VL_FORMAT to Select Output Connector (Optional)
Table 3-7. Packing Types for Eight Bits per Component
Table 3-8. VL_PACKING_YVYU_422_10 Bits
Table 3-9. VL_ZOOM on Memory Nodes: Minimum Values With VL_ASPECT
Table 3-10. VL_RATE Values (Items per Second)
Table 3-11. VL_COLORSPACE Options
Table 3-12. Image-Processing Controls
Table 3-13. Coefficient Formats
Table 3-14. O2Cam Digital Camera Controls
Table 4-1. Internal Video Sync Signal Producers and Consumers
Table 5-1. VL Buffer and DMBuffer API Functions
Table 5-2. Buffer Size Requirements
Table 5-3. Buffer-Related Calls
Table 5-4. Calls for Extracting Data From a Buffer
Table 6-1. VL Control Groupings
Table 7-1. VL Events for the OCTANE Personal Video Device
Table 7-2. VL Event Handling Routines
Table B-1. Device Node Controls
Table B-2. Memory Source Node Controls
Table B-3. Memory Drain Node Controls
Table B-4. Screen Source Node Controls
Table B-5. Video Source Node Controls
Table B-6. Video Drain Node Controls
Table C-1. OCTANE Personal Video Packings