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Figure 1-1. VL System Components
Figure 1-2. Simple VL Path
Figure 1-3. Simple VL Blending
Figure 2-1. Zoom and Decimation
Figure 2-2. Clipping an Image
Figure 2-3. Zoom, Size, Offset, and Origin
Figure 2-4. vlGetNextValid() and vlGetLatestValid()
Figure 5-1. Hardware Representation
Figure 5-2. Software Representation
Figure 7-1. Blender Node
Figure 7-2. Keyer and Flat-Background Generator Locations on Source Nodes
Figure 7-3. Setting Up the Blender Node
Figure 7-4. Binary Compositing
Figure 7-5. OCTANE Digital Video Keying, Wipe, and Blender Control Relationships
Figure 7-6. Luma Keying Application: Titling
Figure 7-7. Relationships Between OCTANE Digital Video Luma Keying Controls
Figure 7-8. Chroma Keying Application: TV Weather Map
Figure 7-9. Relationships Between OCTANE Digital Video Chroma Keying Controls
Figure 7-10. Value, Range, and Transition (Keyer Detail) for a Channel
Figure 8-1. Color-Space Conversion Software Model
Figure 8-2. Color-Space Conversion Input to Output Paths: YUV to G'B'R'
Figure 9-1. Video Texture-Mapping Hardware Configuration Block Diagram
Figure 9-2. Video Delay Through Texture-Map Interface Field Buffer
Figure 9-3. Video Delay Through Graphics TRAM
Figure 9-4. Video Delay Through Graphics Framebuffer
Figure 9-5. Zoom, Size, and Offset for Video Texture Mapping
Figure B-1. Rounding for Memory Drain
Figure C-1. RGB Cube in CCIR Space
Figure C-2. Color Cube With Luminance/Chrominance Ramp Vector
Figure C-3. 100% Color Bars: Cr/R
Figure C-4. 100% Color Bars: Y/G
Figure C-5. 100% Color Bars: Cb/B
Figure C-6. Luminance Ramp: Cr/R
Figure C-7. Luminance Ramp: Y/G
Figure C-8. Luminance Ramp: Cb/B
Figure C-9. Chroma/Luma Ramp: Cr/R
Figure C-10. Chroma/Luma Ramp: Y/G
Figure C-11. Chroma/Luma Ramp: Cb/B
Figure 39. SMPTE Color Bars (75%)
Figure 40. Color Burst and Chrominance Signal
Figure 41. Component Video Signals
Figure 42. Horizontal Blanking
Figure 43. Horizontal Blanking Interval
Figure 44. Waveform Monitor Readings With and Without Setup
Figure 45. SMPTE Time Code
Figure 46. Red or Blue Signal
Figure 47. Y or Green Plus Sync Signal
Figure 48. Video Waveform: Composite Video Signal With Setup (Typical NTSC)
Figure 49. Video Waveform: Composite Video Signal (Typical PAL)