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Table 2-1. Compression Library Calls
Table 2-2. Still Image Interface Calls
Table 2-3. Sequential Frame Interface Calls
Table 2-4. Typical Stream Header Contents
Table 2-5. Additional Video Stream Header Contents
Table 2-6. Buffering Interface Calls
Table 3-1. Video Formats for OCTANE Compression
Table 3-2. Video Library Calls for Data Transfer
Table 3-3. VL Event Masks
Table 3-4. Data Transfer Controls
Table 3-5. Dimensions for Timing Choices
Table 3-6. VL_FORMAT
Table 3-7. Packing Types for Eight Bits per Component
Table 3-8. VL_RATE Values (Items per Second)
Table 3-9. Padding and Scaling Controls
Table 3-10. Buffer Size Requirements
Table 3-11. Buffer-Related Calls
Table 3-12. Calls for Extracting Data From a Buffer
Table 4-1. OCTANE Compression Image Format Parameters
Table 4-2. OCTANE Compression Video Field Dimensions
Table 4-3. OCTANE Compression Field Widths for Compression With Decimation
Table 4-4. OCTANE Compression Field Widths for Decompression
Table 5-1. Device-Independent VL Controls
Table 5-2. VL Control Groupings
Table 7-1. Capabilities of Image and Video Algorithms (Indigo Workstations With 33 MHz MIPS R3000)
Table A-1. OCTANE Compression Device Node Controls
Table A-2. OCTANE Compression Image Format Parameters
Table A-3. OCTANE Compression Memory Node Controls
Table A-4. OCTANE Compression Memory Node DMA Controls
Table A-5. OCTANE Compression Analog Input Device Controls
Table A-6. OCTANE Compression Analog Output Device Controls