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Example 3-1. Example Subroutine Call
Example 3-2. Example Function Call
Example 3-3. Example Fortran Subroutine with COMPLEX Parameters
Example 3-4. C Declaration and Call with COMPLEX Parameters
Example 3-5. Example Fortran Subroutine with String Parameters
Example 3-6. C Program that Passes String Parameters
Example 3-7. C Program that Passes Different String Lengths
Example 3-8. Fortran Function Returning COMPLEX*16
Example 3-9. C Program that Receives COMPLEX Return Value
Example 3-10. Fortran Function Returning CHARACTER*16
Example 3-11. C Program that Receives CHARACTER*16 Return
Example 3-12. C Function Written to be Called from Fortran
Example 3-13. Common Block Usage in Fortran and C
Example 3-14. Fortran Program Sharing an Array in Common with C
Example 3-15. C Subroutine to Modify a Common Array
Example 3-16. Fortran Function Calls Using %VAL
Example 3-17. Fortran Call to gmatch() Using %REF
Example 3-18. C Function Using varargs
Example 3-19. C Code to Retrieve Hidden Parameters
Example 3-20. Source File for Use with extcentry
Example 6-1. Erroneous C$DOACROSS
Example B-1. Simple DOACROSS
Example B-4. Simple Independence
Example B-5. Data Dependence
Example B-6. Stride Not 1
Example B-7. Local Variable
Example B-8. Function Call
Example B-9. Rewritable Data Dependence
Example B-10. Exit Branch
Example B-11. Complicated Independence
Example B-12. Inconsequential Data Dependence
Example B-13. Local Array
Example B-14. Loop Carried Value
Example B-15. Indirect Indexing
Example B-16. Recurrence
Example B-17. Sum Reduction
Example B-18. Loop Interchange
Example B-19. Conditional Parallelism
Example B-20. Load Balancing
Example C-1. Subroutine in File testl.f
Example C-2. Listing in File testl.list
Example C-3. Subroutine in File testw2.f
Example C-4. Listing of File testw2.w2f.f
Example C-5. Distribution of Iterations
Example C-6. Two Nests in Sequence