vtrsyncinfo - MSB video sync information tool


/usr/vtr/bin/vtrsyncinfo [ -host hostname ]


vtrsyncinfo is a video synchronization information utility for MSB. It can be used to determine if a system's video input and output ports are in-sync.

vtrsyncinfo has the following options:

-host hostname
Check the video sync of the video ports on the host specified by hostname. If this option is not specified, vtrsyncinfo will check the local host.
Specify the video port against which other ports will be compared in determining their sync phase differences. If this option is not specified, vtrsyncinfo will use the first video port found. A video port is specified in the same manner as it is displayed by this tool: "MFCODEC_2.DigitalInput" or "MFCODEC_3.DigitalOutput". For example, to specify the input port of MFCODEC_2, use "MFCODEC_2.DigitalInput". (NOTE: a house timecode port cannot be specified as the baseport)
Cause vtrsyncinfo to attempt to start all video ports in the system before sampling their video sync. Choosing this option will cause color bars to be output by all output video ports not currently in use, so use with caution. If this option is not specified, sync information for any video ports that are not running will be missing or inaccurate.
Cause vtrsyncinfo to display sync phase information for any configured house timecode inputs in the system.
Cause vtrsyncinfo to re-sample and re-display sync information once per second.
Display vtrsyncinfo usage information
-verbosity level
Specify level greater than 0 for debugging information.


vtrsyncinfo displays three pieces of information for each port:

video standard
Indicates if the port is synced to a 525-line or 625-line signal. For house-timecode ports, this also indicates drop-frame or non-drop-frame mode in 525 mode.
sync source
Indicates the video sync signal to which the port is synced. For input ports, this is always the input signal. For output ports, it will be one of the following:
internal                Internal clock
external                External genlock (GEN-IN) video ref signal
digital-input-link-a    External genlock to digital input link A
digital-input-link-b    External genlock to digital input link B
phase offset
Indicates the vertical and horizontal phase offset of this port with respect to the base port. Vertical phase offset is displayed in lines. Horizontal phase offset is displayed in microseconds.


vst(1), vtrstat(1), vtrswinfo(1), vtrhwinfo(1)