vtrmpegutil(1) - MSB MPEG2 parse and conversion utility


/usr/vtr/bin/vtrmpegutil [ options ... ] file [ new-file ]


vtrmpegutil parses MPEG2 Program and Transport streams, generating indexes for Sgi MPEG2, GXF, and MXF files. In addition, the utility supports userbit field modification, index file dump, and conversion of MPEG2 files.

For legacy format conversion, only MSB 2.0.1 Sgi MPEG2 to MSB 2.0.2 Sgi MPEG2 is supported. For MSB releases 2.0.2 and 2.1, conversion between Sgi MPEG2 to GXF is supported. vtrmpegutil furnishes index file syntax reports, for Transport streams, semantic analysis of PID mapping, and multiplexed bitrate is also provided. vtrmpegutil can also generate index files for GXF or MXF.

The specified files must possess an MPEG2 Program stream, Transport stream, Sgi MPEG2, GXF format, or MXF format. In parse mode, if an index file is specified, vtrmpegutil generates an access point index for the stream. If no index file is specified, vtrmpegutil performs syntactic and semantic analysis. A new-file must be specified for conversion operations.

Each vtrmpegutil option may possess additional arguments to constrain command behavior. Select arguments require values; others do not. Additional arguments are specified via the format:

-x subopt1[=value1],...,suboptn[=valuen])

vtrmpegutil has the following options:

Convert options:
-c informat=format
Input file format: sgi
-c outformat=format
Output new-file format: sgi,gxf
-c audioss=num
Specify new-file audio sample size: 16,24
-c cf=num
Specify file chromat format: 420,422
Index options:
-i ia
Index all pictures
-i la=num
Number of look ahead buffers
-i program
Generate index for program stream
-i transport
Generate index for transport stream
-i sgi
Generate index for sgi MPEG-2 file
-i gxf
Generate index for GXF file
-i mxf
Generate index for MXF file
Printing options:
-p headers
Print index-file header
-p frames
Print index-file frames
-p frames
Print index-file userbits
Update options:
-u stc=h:m:s:f
Specify timecode from which to start userbit insertion
-u sf=frames
Specify frames from which to start userbit insertion
-u repeat=count
Number of consecutive frames to update
-u ltc
Set index ltc userbits
-u vitc
Set index vitc userbits
-u ub=userbits
Userbits to insert into index
-v level
Set verbosity level


vtrmpegutil must be invoked exclusively from the /usr/vtr/clips directory with the convert, index, update, and print options. vtrmpegutil is an interactive utility and should be applied to static clips and indexes. If necessary, vtrclip uses vtrmpegutil to generate the access point index.

The MSB clip cache is intimately coupled to MSB execution. This implies that native UNIX filesystem operations against clip cache components, specifically clip content and index files, will corrupt and permanently perturb the cache structure, possibly leading to adverse or inconsistent MSB operation. It is therefore required that this utility, and others from the MSB command suite, be used exclusively to manipulate clip content elements outside of MVCP sessions.


The following commands:

vtrmpegutil -c informat=sgi,outformat=gxf clip1 clip1.gxf

converts a sgi MPEG-2 file to a GXF file with an audio sample size of 24 bits.

vtrmpegutil -i gxf clip1.gxf /usr/vtr/index/clip1.gxf

generates an index for GXF file.

vtrmpegutil -i mxf clip1.mxf /usr/vtr/index/clip1.mxf

generates an index for MXF file.

vtrmpegutil -p header,frames,userbits clip1

prints header, frames and userbits of clip1 index file.

vtrmpegutil -u stc=01:00:00:00,repeat=10,ltc,vitc,ub=aabbccdd clip1

updates clip1 index file ltc/vitc userbits with aabbccdd. Start frame is 01:00:00:00 and 10 consecutive frames will be updated.