vtrftp - Command Line Ftp Client for MSB


/usr/vtr/bin/vtrftp [ options ]


vtrftp is a perl ftp client (uses Net::FTP) designed to work with MSB. It does passive transfers between the localhost and the destination host. It does not automatically transfer index files. If you need to transfer a clip and its index file, you should invoke 2 seperate instances of vtrftp concurrently. vtrftp preserves the mark points (start, in and out) of clips.

Since vtrftp only does passive transfers, both the sender and receiver must have vtrftpd daemons available and should be MSB servers with the same version of MSB software. Also, once a transfer is initiated, killing vtrftp will not halt the transfer. vtrftp only does put. Get is not supported in the current version. File renaming is also not supported.

vtrftp has the following options:

-clip filename
Transfer the clip specified by filename. This is a mandatory option. The filename may be a relative path to the current working directory, or an absolute path.
-host hostname
Transfers clip to the host specified by hostname. If this is not specified, localhost is assumed.
-dir path
path is the directory on the destination server into which the clip will be put. If this directory does not exist, vtrftp will create it. Make sure adequate permissions exist on the destination server for directory creation and file writing. If this option is not used, the file will be put in the ftp root directory on the destination, which is /usr/vtr/clips for vtrftpd. If you do transfers on localhost, you will lose your clip if source and destination directories are the same.
-win windowsize
The tcp window size will be set to windowsize via the site win command. win 0 will use the default window size.
site marks on vtrftpd is invoked before the transfer. For DIF clips, only the content between the mark points will be transferred.
-debug level
Sets the Perl Net::FTP debug level to level.
-log level
vtrftp logs the clips it transfers and their attributes in the file /usr/vtr/adm/logs/vtrftplog. Set level to 1 to enable logging.
List of vtrftp options with descriptions