vtrdircopy - Directory Copy Daemon for MSB


/usr/vtr/bin/vtrdircopy [ options ]


vtrdircopy is a daemon that monitors a list of source-destination directory pairs. Whenever a file is added to a source directory, vtrdircopy will detect the file and ftp it into the corresponding destination directory using vtrftp. vtrdircopy may be added to vtrstart and executed simultaneously with vvtr. vtrdircopy exits gracefully when signals SIGINT or SIGTERM are posted; The config file /usr/vtr/config/vtrdircopy.conf is re-read with a SIGHUP posted.

The config file should contain 3-tuples of the form: source_path destination_path clip_type.

source_path must exist on the local server. destination_path may be of the form remote_server:remote_path, or may be an existing directory on the local server. clip_type should be either I or C, indicating a directory of index files or of clip files.

vtrdircopy has the following options:

-config config_filename
Use the config file config_filename, instead of /usr/vtr/config/vtrdircopy.conf.
-logfile log_file
Use as log the file log_file, instead of /usr/vtr/adm/logs/vtrdircopylog. The log file is used by vtrdircopy to recover from crashes and should not be modified by users. It is a text file and may be human-readable, but is not explicitly designed to be conveniently readable.
-procs num_procs
Limit number of spawned child vtrftp processes to num_procs.
The entire source directory is copied over to the destination. Note that this can be a very resource-intensive operation if the source directory is large.
This option can be used after a crash to search the log for files that were detected but not ftp'd, or files that started to be ftp'd, but did not finish being ftp'd.
Establishes vtrcopy bandwidth constraint. See vtrcopy for default.
Minimum size of index file before copy/ftp commences.
Mininum size of clip file before copy/ftp commences.
Windowsize for ftp or buffersize for copy.
This option causes vtrdircopy to search the log for all failed ftp's and retry those ftps. Before doing this, it is recomended that the cause of the failed ftp's be remedied (failed DNS lookup, inadequate permissions of destination directory, etc). Also, if the log file is large, this may result in a large number of ftp'd files.
-sleep sleep_between_poll
vtrdircopy uses a polling mechanism to determine if new files have been added to the source directory. The polling interval may be increased on a heavily loaded system, or decreased to improve response time.
-wait wait_for_file_growth
A CUER will create a zero length clip. vtrdircopy will wait for wait_for_file_growth seconds before trying to transfer a zero length clip. 0 will cause vtrdircopy to wait forever until the file becomes non-zero size.
-marker m
vtrdircopy uses a marker internally that cannot appear in any pathname (directory or file). The default marker is %.
-ftpdebug level
Sets the Perl Net::FTP debug level to level.
Verbose operation
List of vtrdircopy options and what they do