mcpanel - MSB media control panel


/usr/vtr/bin/mcpanel [ -h hostname ] [ -p port ] [ -D deck-port ]
[ -c clip ] [ -r ] [ -C "in out" ] [ -P ]
[ -v level ] [ -o owner-info ]


mcpanel is a VTR emulation application for MSB.

mcpanel has the following options:

-c clip
Load the clip named clip. If this option is not specified, no clip is initially loaded.
-D deck-port
Specifies that a deck will be controlled using the deck control port named deck-port. If this option is not specified, deck control is not available.
-h hostname
Contact the MSB running on hostname. If this option is not specified, the local host is assumed.
-p port
Specifies that the control panel accesses the video port named port. If this option is not specified, the first video port on the MSB is used.
Specifies that if an mcpanel already exists for the video port, that mcpanel should be raised on the desktop instead of creating a new mcpanel.
-C "in out"
Cues the loaded clip using the in and out points. Specify "*" for either in or out to use the default mark in/out.
-o owner-info
Insert in mcpanel title bar the owner-info. Maximum character size of owner-info is 50 characters.
Starts playing the loaded clip.
-v level
Sets the logging verbosity to level.


mcclips(1), mcstat(1)