MIPSpro 64-Bit Porting and Transition Guide

Document Number: 007-2391-006


Written by George Pirocanac

Illustrated by Dany Galgani

Production by Carlos Miqueo

Updated by Jean Wilson

Engineering contributions by Dave Anderson, Bean Anderson, Dave Babcock, Jack Carter, Ann Chang, Wei-Chau Chang, Steve Cobb, Rune Dahl, Jim Dehnert, David Frederick, Jay Gischer, Bob Green, W. Wilson Ho, Peter Hsu, Bill Johnson, Dror Maydan, Ash Munshi, Michael Murphy, Bron Nelson, Paul Rodman, John Ruttenberg, Ross Towle, Chris Wagner

St Peter's Basilica image courtesy of ENEL SpA and InfoByte SpA. Disk Thrower image courtesy of Xavier Berenguer, Animatica.

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