List of Examples

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Example 3-1. Controlling symbol alignment and padding
Example 3-2. Inlining
Example 4-1. OpenMP fixed source form
Example 4-2. OpenMP free source form
Example 5-1. Data Dependency: non-loop-carried
Example 5-2. Data Dependency: IVDEP directive
Example 5-3. Data Dependency: broken dependence
Example 5-4. Data Dependency: IVDEP broken dependence
Example 5-5. IVDEP and non-loop-carried dependence
Example 5-6. OPT:cray_ivdep
Example 5-7. IVDEP and dependence
Example 7-1. Argument passing
Example 7-2. Argument passing (continued)
Example 7-3. Calling Fortran from C
Example 7-4. Calling Fortran from C (continued)
Example 7-5. Calling Fortran functions
Example 7-6. Calling functions
Example 8-1. APO OPT example
Example 8-2. file.list and APO
Example 8-3. APO and .w2f.f file
Example 8-4. Parallelizing nested loops
Example 8-5. Parallelizing nested loops (continued)
Example 8-6. Distribution of iterations
Example 8-7. Two nests in sequence
Example 8-8. ASSERT CONCURRENT (illegal use)
Example 8-9. ASSERT DO
Example 8-10. ASSERT DO PREFER