MIPSpro™ Fortran 90 Commands and Directives Reference Manual

Document Number: 007-3696-005

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1. Introduction
The f90(1) Command
The Compiler Programming Environment

2. The F90 Command Line
f90 command line options

3. General Directives
Using Directives
LNO Directives
Symbol Storage Directives
Inlining and IPA Directives

4. OpenMP Fortran API Multiprocessing Directives
Using Directives
Conditional Compilation
Parallel Region Constructs
Work-sharing Constructs
Combined Parallel Work-sharing Constructs
Synchronization Constructs
Data Environment Constructs
Directive Binding
Directive Nesting

5. CF90 Directives
Using Directives
Checking Array Bounds
Specifying Source Form
Creating Identification String
Ignoring Dummy Argument Type, Kind, and Rank
Ignoring Vector Dependencies
Mapping External Names
Inhibiting Loop Interchange
Determining Register Storage
Designating a Nest to Task
Tasking Directives
Unrolling Loops

6. Source Preprocessing
General Rules
Predefined Macros

7. Interlanguage Calling
External and Public Names
Correspondence of Fortran and C Data Types
How Fortran Passes Arguments
Calling Fortran from C
Calling C from Fortran
Calling Assembly Language from Fortran

8. The Auto-Parallelizing Option (APO)
f90(1) Command Line Options That Affect APO
Running Your Program
Troubleshooting Incomplete Optimizations
Compiler Directives

A. Libraries
Miscellaneous Library Routines
Library Functions
Compatibility with sproc(2)