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Figure 3-1. Capabilities Tree
Figure 6-1. Progressive Sampling: Film at 60 Frames-per-Second
Figure 6-2. Interlaced Sampling: Video at 60 Frames-per-Second
Figure 7-1. General Image Buffer Layout
Figure 7-2. Simple Image Buffer Layout
Figure 7-3. Field Dominance
Figure 8-1. Different Audio Sample Frames
Figure 8-2. Layout of an Audio Buffer with 4 Channels
Figure 10-1. Sample Input Rate
Figure 10-2. Actual Sample Rate
Figure 10-3. Determining Underflow
Figure 10-4. System Sequence Count
Figure 10-5. Predict when the Data will Hit the Output Jack
Figure B-1. 525/60 Timing (NTSC)
Figure B-2. 625/50 Timing (PAL)
Figure B-3. 1080i Timing (High Definition)
Figure B-4. 720p Timing (High Definition)