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Figure 1. Scene Graph Symbols
Figure 1-1. Summary of SoEXTENDER Classes
Figure 1-2. Method List
Figure 1-3. Nodes, Actions, Elements, and State
Figure 2-1. Using the Path Code for Groups
Figure 5-1. Element Class Tree (Part 1 of 2)
Figure 5-2. Element Class Tree (Part 2 of 2)
Figure 6-1. Replicating Values in Fields with Fewer Values
Figure 6-2. A Simple Engine Network
Figure 7-1. Hypothetical PublicSpherePrivateSphereKit
Figure 7-2. Catalog Diagram for SoSeparatorKit
Figure 7-3. Right Sibling Names Before Adding the “middle” Part
Figure 7-4. Right Sibling Names After Adding the “middle” Part
Figure 7-5. Catalog Diagram for SoAppearanceKit
Figure 7-6. Catalog Diagram for JumpingJackKit
Figure 8-1. Structure of SoDragger
Figure 8-2. Structure of TranslateRadialDragger
Figure 8-3. Maintaining Consistency Between the Field and the Motion Matrix
Figure 8-4. Using an SoSurroundScale Node in a Transform Manipulator
Figure 8-5. Structure of the RotTransDragger
Figure 9-1. Highlight Path
Figure 11-1. Sequence for Translating an Event