Chapter 3. Scene Appearance Changes in Inventor 2.1

Because certain fields in some nodes changed their defaults, and because of other changes described in Chapter 2, your Inventor 2.0 application may look different in Inventor 2.1 even if it compiles and runs fine.

Table 3-1 lists changes in appearance and points to information that helps you fix the problem. If you're working with the online version of the manual, click on any “Reason” for more detailed information.

Table 3-1. Scene Appearance Changes in Inventor 2.1

Scene Appearance Change


Texture quality looks different.

SoComplexity, SoTexture2—textureQuality field behavior changed.

SoComplexity, SoTexture2—Textures sometimes use only 12 bits of color.

SoComplexity, SoTexture2—Default texture quality is point sampling on some systems.

When you view a texture-mapped object, the texture seems to disappear.

SoXtViewer—Texture mapping interactive draw style change.

Shapes that were smooth shaded look faceted.

SoShapeHints—creaseAngle default value changed.

When you set the draw style to wireframe, some of the lines are missing.

SoShapeHints, SoDrawStyle, SoClipPlane— Wireframe and clipped objects behavior changed.

A scene that has many spheres (and/or cones, cubes, cylinders) seems to render slower than before.

SoShapeHints, SoCube, SoCone, SoSphere, SoCylinder—Primitive shapes behavior changed.

Vertex-based shapes look the same, regardless of the SoComplexity value.

SoComplexity, nodes derived from SoVertexShape—Geometry is no longer dropped for complexity values smaller than 0.5.

The material looks different than it did in Inventor 2.0 for objects that had a different material for every part or every vertex specified.

SoMaterial—Multiple materials support changed.

Colors in a shape look wrong.

SoMaterial—Multiple materials support changed.

SoMaterialBinding, SoMaterial—Correct number of diffuse colors required.

A vertex-based shape used several colors repeatedly for the different parts and this no longer looks right.

SoMaterialBinding, SoMaterial—Correct number of diffuse colors required.

In a program that contains direct calls to OpenGL, the materials look wrong.

SoCallback, SoEventCallback—Reset required after making direct OpenGL calls.