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Example 2-1. Using a Custom Error-Handling Routine
Example 2-2. Querying the Scheme Name
Example 2-3. Compressing and Decompressing a Single Frame
Example 2-4. Compressing a Series of Frames
Example 2-5. Getting the Decompression Scheme From a Header
Example 2-6. Decompressing a Series of Frames
Example 2-7. Creating and Using an Internal Buffer
Example 2-8. Creating and Using an External Buffer
Example 2-9. Flush Compressed Data to CL_EXTERNAL_DEVICE
Example 2-10. Using Buffers for Playback
Example 2-11. Using Buffers for Nonblocking Playback
Example 2-12. Using Buffers for Recording
Example 2-13. Using Buffers for Nonblocking Recording
Example 2-14. Using Buffers for Multiprocess Playback
Example 2-15. Using Buffers for Multiprocess Recording
Example 4-1. Capture Using CL_IMPACT_VIDEO_INPUT_CONTROL
Example 4-2. Memory-to-Memory Compression
Example 6-1. Getting a List of Parameters for a Compressor/Decompressor
Example 6-2. Getting the Current Values of Selected Parameters
Example 6-3. Using Macros to Get or Set the Value of a Floating Point Parameter
Example 6-4. Getting and Setting Parameter Defaults
Example 6-5. Getting and Setting Minimum and Maximum Parameter Values
Example 7-1. Getting a List of Compression Library Algorithms