Indigo2 IMPACT™ Compression Programmer's Guide

Document Number: 007-3278-001

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Structure of This Document

1. Indigo2 IMPACT Compression Features and Capabilities
Using Indigo2 IMPACT Compression and Video Options
Using the Indigo2 IMPACT Compression Option With the Compression Library
Using the Indigo2 IMPACT Compression Option With the Video Library

2. Programming With the Compression Library
Error Handling
Opening an IMPACT Compression Session
Using the Still Image Interface
Using the Sequential Frame Interface
Using the Buffering Interface

3. Programming With the Video Library
Video Library Capabilities
The VL Programming Model
Performing Preliminary Steps
Opening a Connection to the Video Daemon
Specifying Nodes on the Data Path
Creating and Setting Up the Data Path
Setting Parameters for Data Transfer to or From Memory or Codec Nodes
Transferring Video Data to and From Devices
Ending Data Transfer
Example Programs

4. Using the CL With Indigo2 IMPACT Compression
Adding Indigo2 IMPACT Compression Support to an Application
Using Indigo2 IMPACT Compression Image Formats
Getting Compressed Image Information
Specifying Memory-to-Memory Compression and Decompression
Compressing and Decompressing Video Through External Connections

5. Using VL Controls
VL Control Type and Values
VL Control Fraction Ranges
VL Control Classes
VL Control Groupings

6. Using Compression Library Parameters
Compression Library Parameter Definitions
Setting and Querying Compression Library Parameters

7. Using Compression Library Algorithms
Choosing a Compression Library Algorithm
Querying Compression Library Algorithms
Controlling JPEG Compressed Image Quality

8. Porting Cosmo Compress Applications to Indigo2 IMPACT Compression
Hardware Differences
Software Differences

A. VL Controls and CL Parameters for the Indigo2 IMPACT Compression Option
Device Node Controls
Codec Node Parameters
Memory Node Controls
Memory Node DMA Controls
Analog Input and Output Device Controls