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Table 1-1. Printing Application Programming Interfaces
Table 3-1. Convenience Functions
Table 3-2. Reserved Option Names
Table 3-3. Printer Type Specifications
Table 4-1. Command-Line Arguments
Table 5-1. Summary of libspool Functions
Table 5-2. Summary of libprintui Functions
Table 5-3. Summary of libpod Functions
Table 6-1. Functions To Be Written by the Driver Developer
Table 8-1. Diagnostic Functions
Table 8-2. Application/Driver Rendezvous Functions
Table 8-3. Scanning Functions
Table 8-4. Document Feeder Functions
Table 8-5. Event Functions
Table 10-1. Typical Printing Product Files
Table 10-2. Typical Scanning Product Files
Table 11-1. New File Type Pathnames
Table 11-2. Alternative RIP Pathnames
Table A-1. STIFF Generic Functions
Table A-2. STIFF Printing-Specific Functions
Table A-3. CMYK Data Format
Table A-4. CMY Data Format
Table A-5. YMC Data Format
Table A-6. YMCK Data Format
Table A-7. KCMY Data Format
Table B-1. Silicon Graphics Image Format File Functions
Table B-2. Format-Independent File Functions
Table B-3. Filter Functions
Table C-1. Config File Options
Table C-2. Printer Status File Entries
Table E-1. Scanner Driver Functions
Table E-2. Type Conversion Macros
Table E-3. Zooming and Type Conversion Functions
Table E-4. Queue Manipulating Functions
Table F-1. General Interest Reference Pages
Table F-2. Printing Developers Reference Pages
Table F-3. Scanning Developers Reference Pages
Table H-1. Applicable Reference Pages