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Figure 1-1. IRIXview Architecture
Figure 1-2. IRIXview Main Window
Figure 2-1. Target Window
Figure 2-2. User Event Symbol
Figure 3-1. Buttons at the Top of the Graph Window
Figure 3-2. Time Units Menu Icon
Figure 3-3. View Options Icon
Figure 3-4. Display Events Icon
Figure 3-5. Zoom In/Zoom Out Icons
Figure 3-6. Pan Left/Pan Right Icons
Figure 3-7. Push/Pop Icons
Figure 3-8. Exchange Icon
Figure 3-9. Search Window Icon
Figure 3-10. Search Accelerator Icons
Figure 3-11. Legend Window Icon
Figure 3-12. State Stipples and Event Icons in Middle of Context Graph
Figure 3-13. State Stipple
Figure 3-14. Event Icon
Figure 3-15. Interrupt Label
Figure 3-16. Process Label
Figure 3-17. Idle Thread Label
Figure 3-18. Timeline and Information at Bottom of Graph Window
Figure 3-19. Open Event File Window
Figure 3-20. Legend Window for Context View Graph
Figure 3-21. Legend Window for CPU View Graph
Figure 3-22. View Options Window
Figure 3-23. Time Instant and Interval
Figure 3-24. Selected Event With Timestamp
Figure 3-25. Search Window
Figure 3-26. Event Inspector Window
Figure 4-1. IntEnt Event Icon
Figure 4-2. Event Inspector
Figure 4-3. Current Content Line
Figure 4-4. User Event Icon
Figure 4-5. Single Processor Trace
Figure 4-6. Single Processor—Sub-Time Interval
Figure 4-7. Multiprocessor Trace
Figure 4-8. Beginning of an FRS Minor Frame
Figure 4-9. FRS Overrun Detected
Figure 5-1. Signal Receive Icon
Figure 5-2. Sample Event Dictionary Page
Figure 5-3. Interrupt Entry Icon
Figure 5-4. Interrupt Exit Icon
Figure 5-5. Signal Receive Icon
Figure 5-6. Signal Send Icon
Figure 5-7. Fork Process Icon
Figure 5-8. Exit Process Icon
Figure 5-9. Unknown Event Icon
Figure 5-10. Default User Icon
Figure 6-1. IRIXview Main Window
Figure 6-2. Vie Graph Icon Bar
Figure 6-3. About IRIXview Window
Figure 6-4. Context Graph Options Window
Figure 6-5. Display Events/States Icon
Figure 6-6. Display Events/States Window
Figure 6-7. Event Inspector Window
Figure 6-8. Legend Window Icon
Figure 6-9. Legend Windows (Context and CPU)
Figure 6-10. Context View Graph Window
Figure 6-11. CPU View Graph Window
Figure 6-12. Open Event File Window
Figure 6-13. Pan Left/Pan Right Icons
Figure 6-14. Push/Pop/Exchange Icons
Figure 6-15. Save Event File Window
Figure 6-16. Scheduler Summary Window
Figure 6-17. Search Accelerator Icons
Figure 6-18. Search Window Icon
Figure 6-19. Search Window
Figure 6-20. System Call Summary Window
Figure 6-21. Target Window
Figure 6-22. Time Units Menu Icon
Figure 6-23. View Control Window Icon
Figure 6-24. View Control Window
Figure 6-25. Zoom In/Zoom Out Icons