IRIXview User's Guide

Document Number: 007-2824-002

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Table of Contents

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1. About IRIXview
What Is IRIXview?
IRIXview Architecture
Starting IRIXview
Other Sources of Information

2. Collecting Event Data
Using IRIXview to Collect Event Data
Using rtmon-client or par to Collect Event Data
Adding Timestamps to Your Program

3. Displaying Event Data
Exploring the Graph Window
Opening Previously Collected Event Data
Using the Context View Graph
Using the CPU View Graph
Selecting Event Data
Examining Event Data

4. Inspecting and Analyzing Data
IRIXview Events
Analyzing Data

5. Event Dictionary
Using the Event Dictionary
Event Dictionary

6. User Interface Reference
About IRIXview Window
Context Graph Options
Data Format Options
Display Events/States Window
Event Inspector Window
Legend Window Icon
New Context Graph Menu
New CPU Graph Window
Open Event File Window
Pan Left/Pan Right Icons
Push/Pop/Exchange Icons
Quit Menu Choice
Save Event File Window
Scheduler Summary Window
Search Accelerator Icons
Search Window Icon
System Call Summary Window
Target Window
Time Units Menu Icon
View Options Window
Zoom In/Zoom Out Icons