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Table 2-1. Common errno values
Table 2-2. C Run-time Routines
Table 2-3. TTL Threshold Convention
Table 4-1. Some Registered RPC Programs
Table 4-2. RPC Program Number Assignment
Table 5-1. C Preprocessor Symbol Definition
Table 7-1. DR Data Encoding Examples
Table 9-1. Local Management Routines for the Transport Interface
Table 9-2. Routines for Establishing a Transport Connection
Table 9-3. Connection-Mode Data Transfer Routines
Table 9-4. Connection Release Routines
Table 9-5. Routines for Connectionless-Mode Data Transfer
Table 9-6. States Describing Transport Interface State Transitions
Table 9-7. Outgoing Events
Table 9-8. Incoming Events
Table 9-9. Common Local Management State Table
Table 9-10. Connectionless-Mode State Table
Table 9-11. Connection-Mode State Table
Table A-1. Port Mapper Procedures