List of Examples

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Example 2-1. A Remote-Login Client
Example 2-2. Flushing Terminal I/O on Receipt of Out-of-Band Data
Example 2-3. Asynchronous Notification of I/O Requests
Example 2-4. Using the SIGCHLD Signal
Example 2-5. Creating and Using a Pseudo-Terminal on IRIX
Example 2-6. Using tcp_wrappers API call
Example 2-7. Using tcp_wrappers API call, simplified version
Example 3-1. Connection-based Server
Example 3-2. Connection-based Client
Example 3-3. Connectionless Server
Example 3-4. Connectionless Client
Example 3-5. Using IPV6_UNICAST_HOPS
Example 9-1. The Connection-Mode Client Definitions and Local Management
Example 9-2. The Connection-Mode Server Definitions and Local Management
Example 9-3. Sending Data to a Client
Example 9-4. The Transaction Server Definitions and Local Management
Example 9-5. The Data Transfer Phase of a Connectionless-Mode Server
Example 9-6. An Advanced Server
Example 9-7. Processing an Incoming Event
Example 9-8. A Connection-Mode Client
Example 9-9. A Connection-Mode Server
Example 9-10. A Connectionless-Mode Transaction Server
Example 9-11. A Connection-Mode Read/Write Client
Example 9-12. A Connection-Mode Server