GlossaryDef is the paragraph tag used for glossary definitions. Since these entries are supposed to be short and to the point, there is a limited set of tags provided for use within the glossary.

  • This paragraph tag, Bullet, is a legal structure in the Glossary.


GlossaryEntry is the paragraph tag used for the term being defined.


FigTitle is the paragraph tag used for the the Glossary Figure Title shown in Figure Gl-1.

Figure 3. Glossary Figure Title

Figure Gl-1 Glossary Figure Title


Figure 4. Margin Figure Title

Figure Gl-2 Margin Figure Title

Figure Gl-2 is the example of how the paragraph tag FigMarginTitle is used in the glossary. The paragraph tag FigMarginTitle and its associated figure in an anchor is used only for the print version of the book. The online version of the book displays the FigMarginTitle and its margin figure the same as shown in Figure Gl-1.


TableTitle is the paragraph tag used for the table title in the Glossary Table Examples shown in Table Gl-1.

Table 11. Glossary Table Examples

Example Head

Alernate Head Example

Tabletext example one

Alternate Tabletext example one

Tabletext example two

Alternate Tabletext example two


A GlossaryItem is shown as a italicized word for a printed book, but in the online version of the book the GlossaryItem is a underlined word. When a underlined GlossaryItem is clicked on with a mouse in a online book, a new window is launched that shows the GlossaryItem definition.