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Table 1-1. IFL-supported Image Formats
Table 2-1. Image Attribute Summary
Table 2-2. Data Access Functions
Table 2-3. Channel Mapping
Table 3-1. Compression Algorithms Supported for ilTIFFImg Files
Table 3-2. File Query Functions
Table 3-3. Color Models
Table 4-1. Single-input Arithmetic Operators and Their Valid Output Data Types
Table 4-2. Compass Directions for the ilCompassImg Operator
Table 4-3. Output of a Forward Fourier Transform (if nx and ny are even)
Table 4-4. Output of a Forward Fourier Transform (if nx and ny are odd)
Table 4-5. Sample Parameter Values for ilFGaussFiltImg
Table 6-1. Image Attributes Needing Initialization in ilImage Subclass
Table 6-2. ilImgParam Constants
Table 6-3. Additional Attributes Needing Initialization in ilMemCacheImg Derived Classes
Table 6-4. Classes Derived from ilMonaDicImg and ilPolyadicImg
Table 6-5. ilSpatialImg's Subclasses
Table 6-6. The Subclasses of ilFMonadicImg and ilfDyadicImg
Table 7-1. ilHwHint Definitions
Table 8-1. Environment Variable Definitions
Table B-1. New Names for Polynomial Structures
Table B-2. Run-time Object Inquiries
Table B-3. Class Name Conversions
Table B-4. New Class Hierarchies
Table D-1. Summary of All Classes
Table E-1. iflFormat's Virtual Functions
Table F-1. Coordinate Data Structures
Table F-2. ilStatus Error Codes
Table F-3. iflStatus Error Codes
Table G-1. Methods in ilELTImg