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Figure 1-1. An Image before Processing
Figure 1-2. The Image after Processing
Figure 2-1. The ilLink Class Inheritance
Figure 2-2. An IL Chain
Figure 2-3. Sizes of Original and Processed Images
Figure 2-4. Pixel Data Ordering for an RGB Image
Figure 2-5. Determining Color Model Inheritance for Operator Images
Figure 2-6. Image orientations
Figure 2-7. Cache Containing Portions of Three Images
Figure 2-8. Pages and Tiles of Image Data
Figure 2-9. Priority Lists in Cache
Figure 2-10. Parameters for getSubTile() and setSubTile()
Figure 2-11. Image Chain for the Sample Program
Figure 2-12. Image Chain Showing Demand-driven Execution Model
Figure 2-13. Performance Comparison of Non-threaded, Single-processor, and Multi-processor Applications
Figure 2-14. Operators, Requests for Pages, and Threads
Figure 2-15. An Image Chain
Figure 4-1. ilOpImg and IL Inheritance Hierarchy
Figure 4-2. Color Conversion Operators Inheritance Hierarchy
Figure 4-3. Determining the Color Model of Multi-Input Operators
Figure 4-4. A Falsely Colored Image
Figure 4-5. Arithmetic and Logical Operators Inheritance Hierarchy
Figure 4-6. A Positive and Negative Image Pair
Figure 4-7. Adding Two Images
Figure 4-8. Minimum of Two Images
Figure 4-9. Logical AND and OR of Two Images
Figure 4-10. A Warped Image
Figure 4-11. Geometric Operator Inheritance Hierarchy
Figure 4-12. Warping an Image
Figure 4-13. Spatial Domain Operator Inheritance Hierarchy
Figure 4-14. The ilPadSrc Edge Mode
Figure 4-15. An Original Image
Figure 4-16. An Image Blurred with ilBlurImg
Figure 4-17. An Image Sharpened with ilSharpenImg
Figure 4-18. An Over-sharpened Image
Figure 4-19. Median Rank Filtering on an Image
Figure 4-20. Edge Detection Operator Inheritance Hierarchy
Figure 4-21. Edge Image Produced by ilRobertsImg
Figure 4-22. A Compass Filtered Image
Figure 4-23. Frequency Domain Operator Inheritance Hierarchy
Figure 4-24. Magnitude and Phase Fourier Operators
Figure 4-25. Original Image
Figure 4-26. Image Processed with ilFGaussFiltImg
Figure 4-27. The ilImgStat Inheritance
Figure 4-28. Radiometric Operator Inheritance Hierarchy
Figure 4-29. Using Scaling
Figure 4-30. Breakpoints along a Piecewise Continuous Function
Figure 4-31. Using a Lookup Table Editor to Set Breakpoints
Figure 4-32. ilBlendImg, ilMergeImg, and ilCombineImg Inheritance Hierarchy
Figure 4-33. Blended Images
Figure 4-34. Composition Modes for ilBlendImg
Figure 4-35. lRoi's Subclasses
Figure 4-36. Source Image and Subimage
Figure 4-37. Translated Subimage
Figure 5-1. IL Display Classes
Figure 5-2. Stacked Images in an X Window
Figure 5-3. ilDisplay Object Creates a Display Area
Figure 5-4. ilView Objects Map Images to Display Regions
Figure 5-5. Display Area After Views Are Drawn
Figure 5-6. Aligning an Image to Bottom Left Corner
Figure 5-7. Aligning Views
Figure 5-8. split() with ilAbsSplit | ilRowSplit | ilColSplit
Figure 5-9. split() with ilRelSplit | ilRowSplit | ilColSplit
Figure 5-10. Using wipeSize()
Figure 6-1. User-Defined Classes in IL
Figure 6-2. ilOpImg and Its Subclasses for Deriving
Figure 6-3. Using qgetSubTile3D()
Figure 6-4. Visualizing a ROI
Figure 7-1. Varying Page Dimensions
Figure 7-2. OpenGL Image Processing Pipeline
Figure 7-3. IL Chain Mapped to the OGLIP Pipeline
Figure 7-4. Mapping onto the OGLIP in a Single Transfer
Figure 7-5. Running a Subsection of an IL Chain
Figure 7-6. Two-Pass Transfer Operations
Figure 7-7. Accelerating an IL Chain Using Texture
Figure 7-8. Data Path of the IL Chain in Figure 7-7
Figure 7-9. Hardware Acceleration Without Using Pixel Buffers
Figure 7-10. Hardware Acceleration Using Pixel Buffers
Figure C-1. Sample Inheritance Hierarchy
Figure G-1. ELT image processing pipeline
Figure H-1. ilFalseColorImg
Figure H-2. ilGrayImg
Figure H-3. Original Image and Flipped Image
Figure H-4. ilAddImg and ilAndImg
Figure H-5. ilDivImg
Figure H-6. ilExpImg and ilInvertImg
Figure H-7. ilLogImg and ilMaxImg
Figure H-8. ilMinImg and ilMultiplyImg
Figure H-9. ilNegImg and ilOrImg
Figure H-10. ilPowerImg and ilSqRootImg
Figure H-11. ilSquareImg and ilSubtractImg
Figure H-12. ilXorImg
Figure H-13. Original and ilRotZoomImg
Figure H-14. ilWarpImg
Figure H-15. Original, ilBlurImg and ilGBlurImg
Figure H-16. ilDilateImg, ilErodeImg, and ilMaxFltImg
Figure H-17. ilMedFltImg, ilMinFltImg, and ilSharpenImg
Figure H-18. ilCompassImg
Figure H-19. ilLaplaceImg (original and filtered image)
Figure H-20. ilRobertsImg (original and filtered image)
Figure H-21. ilSobelImg (original and filtered image)
Figure H-22. ilFGaussFiltImg
Figure H-23. ilHistEqImg (filtered image and histogram)
Figure H-24. ilHistNormImg (filtered image and histogram)
Figure H-25. ilHistScaleImg (filtered image and histogram)
Figure H-26. ilLutImg (original, filtered image, and LUT editor)
Figure H-27. ilThreshImg
Figure H-28. Originals and Original Mask
Figure H-29. ilBlendImg
Figure H-30. ilCombineImg