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Table 1. Checklist of Implementation Tasks and References
Table 2. Tasks Requiring Application Changes and/or Motif
Table 3. Integration and ViewKit
Table 4. Integration and RapidApp
Table 3-1. Pre-Defined Scheme Resources and Symbolic Values
Table 4-1. HTML Viewer Tags and Attributes
Table 4-2. HTML Viewer Character Tags
Table 7-1. Audio Formats
Table 7-2. Image Formats
Table 7-3. Movie Formats 
Table 7-4. 3D Graphics Formats
Table 7-5. Additional Data Types Supported by Silicon Graphics
Table 7-6. World Wide Web Targets
Table 10-1. dtUtilities and Their Values
Table 13-1.  Rules That Appear in a Filetype Definition
Table 13-2. Numerical Representations in Match-Expressions
Table 13-3. Match-Expression Functions
Table 14-1. Conversion Costs for Print Conversion Rules
Table D-1. Icon Description Functions
Table E-1. Predefined File Type Naming Conventions
Table G-1. Converter Attributes
Table G-2. Query Operators
Table G-3. Converter Return Status Values
Table G-4. Converter Description File Statements