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Figure 1. The IRIX Interactive Desktop
Figure 4-1. The File Selection Box Widget
Figure 4-2. The Color Chooser Widget
Figure 4-3. The Color Chooser Widget with HSV and RGB Sliders
Figure 4-4. The Dial Widget in Knob and Pointer Form
Figure 4-5. The Thumbwheel Widget
Figure 4-6. The Drop Pocket Widget (on left) As Part of the Finder Widget
Figure 4-7. The Finder Widget
Figure 4-8. The Graph Widget
Figure 4-9. The HTML Widget
Figure 5-1. Window Settings Control Panel
Figure 6-1. Minimized Window Image Examples
Figure 6-2. The mediarecorder Tool
Figure 9-1. The Help Viewer
Figure 9-2. The Help Index Window
Figure 10-1. The dtUtilities Panel
Figure 12-1. Caret
Figure 12-2. Transformation Pin
Figure 12-3. Vertex
Figure 12-4. Path
Figure 12-5. The IconSmith Icon
Figure 12-6. The Main IconSmith Window With Popup Menus
Figure 12-7. The Import Icon or Set Template Window
Figure 12-8. The Palette (Selection Properties) Window
Figure 12-9. 3-D Icon Axes
Figure 12-10. Concave Polygon
Figure 12-11. The Constraints Window
Figure 12-12. A Path
Figure 12-13. Wheel Spokes
Figure 12-14. Connected Spokes
Figure 12-15. Finished 2-D Circle
Figure 12-16. An Oval
Figure 12-17. A Simple, Circular 2-D Icon
Figure 12-18. Imported Circles
Figure 12-19. Finished Isometric Circle
Figure 12-20. Simple, Isometric 2-D Icon
Figure 12-21. Icon Centered on Generic Component
Figure 12-22. Open Icon
Figure 14-1. File Conversions for Printing Standard Desktop Files