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Example 3-1. Retrieving a Scheme Color Value
Example 4-1. An Example of Using the Grid Widget
Example 4-2. Another Example of Using the Grid Widget
Example 5-1. Session Management Example Code: saveyourself.c
Example 5-2. Creating a Main Primary Window
Example 5-3. Creating a Co-Primary Window
Example 5-4. Creating a Support Window
Example 5-5. Creating a Dialog
Example 5-6. Handling the Window Manager Quit Protocol
Example 5-7. Handling the Window Manager Delete Window Protocol in Co-Primary Windows
Example 5-8. Handling the Window Manager Delete Window Protocol in Support Windows and Dialogs
Example 5-9. Handling the Window Manager “Save Yourself” Protocol
Example 7-1. Asserting Ownership of PRIMARY Selection
Example 7-2. Handling Cut Actions in the Clipboard Transfer Model
Example 8-1. Using Select With FAM
Example 8-2. Polling With FAM
Example 8-3. Polling FAM Within an Xt Work Procedure
Example 9-1. Initializing a Help Session Using SGIHelpInit()
Example 9-2. Requesting a Specific Help Topic Using SGIHelpMsg()
Example 9-3. Requesting a Help Topic for a Widget Using SGIHelpMsg()
Example 9-4. Displaying a Help Index Using SGIHelpIndexMsg() 
Example 9-5. Providing a Help Button
Example 9-6. Implementing Context-Sensitive Help
Example C-1. An Example of a Help Source File
Example C-2. A Description of the Elements Defined by the Help DTD
Example C-3. An Example of Integrating SGIHelp With an Application
Example C-4. Help Source File for Example Program
Example C-5. Helpmap for Example Program