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Figure 1-1. Interfaces for Controlling One Channel of the HIPPI Subsystem
Figure 1-2. Block Diagram for Two Applications Using HIPPI-PH: One Receive-Only and One Transmit-Only
Figure 1-3. Block Diagram for One Application Using HIPPI-PH: Receive and Transmit
Figure 1-4. Creation of HIPPI-PH Packet
Figure 1-5. Creation of HIPPI-PH Packet With First Short Burst
Figure 1-6. Block Diagram for Using HIPPI-FP
Figure 1-7. Default FP Header for HIPPI-FP Transmission
Figure 1-8. Single-Write HIPPI-FP Packet With D1 Data
Figure 1-9. Multiple-Write HIPPI-FP Packet: Contiguous D1 and D2 Data
Figure 1-10. Multiple-Write HIPPI-FP Packet: Separate FP Header and D1 Data
Figure 1-11. Block Diagram for Mixing HIPPI-PH and HIPPI-FP
Figure 2-1. The Four Transmission Scenarios
Figure A-1. I-Field Format
Figure A-2. Packet Format for HIPPI Framing Protocol
Figure A-3. FP Header Format