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Figure 1-1. Array System Schematic
Figure 1-2. Advanced Visualization With Arrays
Figure 1-3. Batch Processing on an Array System
Figure 2-1. NQE Top-level Window (Button Bar)
Figure 2-2. NQE Status Window
Figure 2-3. NQE Configuration Information Window
Figure 2-4. NQE Submit Window
Figure 2-5. Typical Display from ArrayView (aview) Command
Figure 3-1. IRISconsole Main Window
Figure 3-2. IRISconsole Systems Window
Figure 3-3. IRISconsole Hardware Status Window
Figure 3-4. IRISconsole System Console Window
Figure 4-1. Gaining Efficiency Through Asynchronous Communication
Figure A-1. RendAsunder Graphics Windows
Figure A-2. RendAsunder Controls Menu