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Figure 1-1. A formatted record with four character values
Figure 1-2. An unformatted record with two integer values
Figure 1-3. Internal and external files
Figure 1-4. A file positioned between records
Figure 1-5. A file positioned with a current record
Figure 1-6. Values for specifier variables in an INQUIRE statement
Figure 3-1. Four program units
Figure 3-2. Public and private entities in a module
Figure 3-3. Use of public and private module entities
Figure 4-1. Actual and dummy argument lists
Figure 4-2. The plug and socket analogy for actual and dummy arguments
Figure 4-3. Example of array element sequence association
Figure 4-4. Array element sequence association for default characters
Figure 4-5. Association of objects with POINTER and TARGET attributes
Figure 6-1. Scoping units
Figure 6-2. Associations between two nonmodule scoping units
Figure 6-3. Associations between a module scoping unit and a nonmodule scoping unit
Figure 6-4. Host association
Figure 6-5. Is there one TOTAL in the host or two local TOTALs?
Figure 6-6. How the mapping of implicit typing progresses from host to contained procedure
Figure 6-7. Example 1
Figure 6-8. Example 2