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Table 3-1. Special characters
Table 4-1. Integer kind values
Table 4-2. Exponent equivalents
Table 4-3. Real and complex kind values
Table 4-4. Exponent equivalents
Table 4-5. Logical kind values
Table 5-1. Types, attributes, and storage
Table 6-1. Message number identifiers
Table 6-2. Message number identifiers
Table 7-1. Intrinsic operators and the allowed types of their operands
Table 7-2. The hierarchy of expressions through forms
Table 7-3. Categories of operations and relative precedences
Table 7-4. Operand types and results for intrinsic operations
Table 7-5. Differences and similarities between initialization and specification expressions
Table 7-6. Kinds of expressions and their uses
Table 7-7. Interpretation of the intrinsic operations
Table 7-8. The values of operations involving logical operators
Table 7-9. Equivalent evaluations for numeric intrinsic operations
Table 7-10. Nonequivalent evaluations of numeric expressions
Table 7-11. Equivalent evaluations of other expressions
Table 7-12. Types of the variable and expression in an intrinsic assignment
Table 7-13. Conversion performed on an expression before assignment