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Figure 2-1. Program packaging example
Figure 2-2. Requirements on statement ordering
Figure 2-3. Restrictions on the appearance of statements
Figure 4-1. Fortran data types
Figure 4-2. Forms of constants and constructors
Figure 5-1. Default implicit mapping for a program unit
Figure 5-2. Character alignment example
Figure 5-3. Numeric array alignment example
Figure 5-4. Storage of REUSE in FIRST and SECOND
Figure 5-5. Alignment resulting from correct code
Figure 5-6. Alignment resulting from incorrect code
Figure 6-1. Computation of subscript order value
Figure 6-2. States in the lifetime of a pointer
Figure 7-1. The hierarchy of expressions by examples
Figure 7-2. Relationships between the kinds of expressions
Figure 8-1. Execution flow for an IF construct
Figure 8-2. Execution flow for a CASE construct
Figure 8-3. Execution flow for a DO construct