FailSafe™ Programmer's Guide for SGI® InfiniteStorage

Document Number: 007-3900-007

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1. Introduction
Characteristics that Permit an Application to be Highly Available
Overview of the Programming Steps
Administrative Commands for Use in Scripts

2. Writing the Action Scripts and Adding Monitoring Agents
Set of Action Scripts
Understanding the Execution of Action Scripts
Script Format
Steps in Writing a Script
Examples of Action Scripts
Monitoring Agents

3. Creating a Failover Policy
Contents of a Failover Policy
Failover Script Interface
Creating a Failover Policy that Returns the Resource Group to the Same Node
Example Failover Policies

4. Defining a New Resource Type
Information You Must Gather
Copying an Existing Resource Type to Create a New One
Creating a New Resource Type from Scratch
Server-side Properties File
Testing a New Resource Type

5. Testing Scripts
General Testing and Debugging Techniques
Debugging Notes
Testing an Action Script
Special Testing Considerations for the monitor Script

6. Example: Requiring Confirmation Before Failover

A. Starting the FailSafe Manager GUI
Launch Methods
Logging In
Making Changes from One Node

B. Using the Script Library
File Formats
Set Global Definitions
Check Arguments
Read an Input File
Execute a Command
Write Status for a Resource
Get the Value for a Field
Get the Value for Multiple Fields
Get Resource Information
Print Exclusivity Check Messages