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Table 1-1. C Escape Sequences
Table 1-2. Fortran Line Structure
Table 2-1. Notation Forms for Real Constants
Table 2-2. Invalid Real Constants
Table 2-3. Invalid Double-Precision Constants
Table 2-4. Valid Forms of Complex Data
Table 2-5. Invalid Forms of Complex Data
Table 2-6. Logical Constant Values
Table 2-7. Valid Character Constants
Table 2-8. Invalid Character Constants
Table 2-9. Invalid Hollerith Constants
Table 2-10. Valid Substring Examples
Table 2-11. Valid Substring Examples
Table 2-12. Determining Subscript Values
Table 3-1. Arithmetic Operators
Table 3-2. Interpretation of Arithmetic Expressions
Table 3-3. Data Type Ranks
Table 3-4. Fortran Relational Operators
Table 3-5. Logical Operators
Table 3-6. Logical Expressions
Table 4-1. Static and Automatic Variables
Table 4-2. Keywords for Type Statements
Table 4-3. Double Complex Functions
Table 5-1. Type Conversion Rules
Table 5-2. Conversion Rules for Assignment Statements
Table 8-1. File Access Types
Table 8-2. Blank Control Specifiers
Table 8-3. Form Specifiers
Table 8-4. Keyed-Access Status Specifiers
Table 8-5. Carriage-Control Options
Table 8-6. Disposition Options
Table 8-7. Default Record Types
Table 8-8. Default Formats of List-Directed Output
Table 8-9. Control Information List Specifiers
Table 8-10. Forms of the Key-Field-Value Specifier
Table 9-1. Summary of Field and Edit Descriptors
Table 9-2. Default Field Descriptors
Table 9-3. I Field Input Examples
Table 9-4. I Field Output Examples
Table 9-5. O Field Input Examples
Table 9-6. O Field Output Examples
Table 9-7. Z Field Input Examples
Table 9-8. Z Field Output Examples
Table 9-9. F Field Input Examples
Table 9-10. F Field Output Examples
Table 9-11. E Field Output Examples
Table 9-12. E Field Output Examples
Table 9-13. D Field Input Examples
Table 9-14. D Field Output Examples
Table 9-15. Effect of Data Magnitude on G Format Conventions
Table 9-16. G Field Output Examples
Table 9-17. Field Comparison Examples
Table 9-18. Scale Factor Examples
Table 9-19. Scale Format Output Examples
Table 9-20. L Field Examples
Table 9-21. I/O List Element Sizes
Table 9-22. A Field Input Examples
Table 9-23. A Field Output Examples
Table 9-24. H Edit Description Output Examples
Table 9-25. Character Edit Description Examples
Table 9-26. Complex Data Editing Input Examples
Table 9-27. Complex Data Editing Output Examples
Table 9-28. Carriage-Control Characters
Table A-1. Intrinsic Functions