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Figure 1-1. The WorkShop Debugger Main View Window
Figure 2-1. Array Browser Window
Figure 2-2. Trap Manager Window
Figure 3-1. File Browser Window
Figure 3-2. Open Dialog Box
Figure 3-3. Path Remapping Dialog Box
Figure 4-1. The jello Window
Figure 4-2. Search Target Indicators
Figure 4-3. Stop Trap Indicator
Figure 4-4. Trap Manager Window
Figure 4-5. Array Browser Window for shadow Matrix
Figure 4-6. Subscript Controls Panel in Array Browser Window
Figure 5-1. Trap Manager Config, Traps, and Display Menus
Figure 5-2. Trap Examples
Figure 5-3. Signal Panel and System Call Panel
Figure 6-1. The Main View Window Control Panel
Figure 8-1. Program Results in Execution View
Figure 8-2. Selecting a Function for Redefinition
Figure 8-3. Redefined Function
Figure 8-4. Comparing Compiled and Redefined Function Code
Figure 9-1. Heap Corruption Warning Shown in Execution View
Figure 9-2. Call Stack at Boundary Overrun Warning
Figure 9-3. Main View at Bus Error
Figure 10-1. Multiprocess Explorer
Figure 10-2. Multiprocess Explorer with highlighted process
Figure 10-3. Multiprocess Explorer with running processes stopped
Figure 10-4. Multiprocess Explorer: stopped at breakpoint
Figure 10-5. Pthread stopped on entry
Figure 10-6. Pthread stopped on entry 3
Figure 10-7. “All” toggle button
Figure 10-8. “Single” toggle button
Figure 10-9. Multiprocess Explorer: Display by Process
Figure 10-10. Set MPI breakpoint
Figure 10-11. Multiprocess Explorer: Display by Status
Figure 10-12. MPI rank process status
Figure 10-13. Main View Unlock icon
Figure 10-14. Main View Lock icon
Figure 10-15. Multiprocess Explorer: OMP threads stopped at breakpoints
Figure 10-16. Variable Browser
Figure 10-17. Multiprocess Explorer: OmpThreads stopped at breakpoint
Figure 10-18. Variable Browser display
Figure 10-19. Data Explorer
Figure 11-1. First View of the X/Motif Analyzer (Widget Examiner)
Figure 11-2. Widget Hierarchy Displayed by the Tree Examiner
Figure 11-3. Adding a Breakpoint for a Widget
Figure 11-4. Callback Context Displayed by the Callback Examiner
Figure 11-5. Window Attributes Displayed by the Window Examiner
Figure 11-6. Selecting the Breakpoints Tab from the Overflow Area
Figure 11-7. Breakpoint Results Displayed by the Call Stack
Figure A-1. Build Process Control Area in Build View Window
Figure A-2. Build View Window with Typical Data
Figure A-3. Build View Preferences Dialog
Figure A-4. Build Options Dialog
Figure A-5. Build Graph Icons
Figure A-6. Build Graph Control Area
Figure A-7. Build Analyzer Overview Window with Build Analyzer Graph