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Figure 1-1. The Main View Window
Figure 2-1. Multiprocess Explorer: reference by process
Figure 2-2. Multiprocess Explorer: reference by status
Figure 2-3. Multiprocess Explorer Preferences
Figure 2-4. Process Meter
Figure 4-1. Examiner Tabs
Figure 4-2. Breakpoints Examiner Display in the X/Motif Analyzer Window
Figure 4-3. Timeout-Procedure Breakpoints Examiner
Figure 4-4. X-Event Breakpoints Examiner
Figure 4-5. Request Type Selection Dialog
Figure 4-6. Trace Examiner
Figure 4-7. Tree Examiner
Figure 4-8. Tree Examiner Window Graphical Buttons
Figure 6-1. Array Browser with Display Menu Options
Figure 6-2. Subscript Controls Area in the Array Browser
Figure 6-3. Array Browser Spreadsheet Area
Figure 6-4. Example of Wrapped Array
Figure 6-5. Color Exception Portion of Array Browser Window
Figure 6-6. Array Browser Graphic Modes
Figure 6-7. Examiner Viewer with Controls and Menus
Figure 6-8. Examiner Viewer Preference Sheet Dialog
Figure 6-9. Expression View Format Popup with Submenus
Figure 6-10. File Browser Window
Figure 6-11. Data Explorer: reference by name
Figure 6-12. Data Explorer: names grouped by type
Figure 6-13. Data Explorer: common blocks
Figure 6-14. Dereference indicator on Data Explorer Preference menu
Figure 6-15. Tree and Linked List Arrangements of Structures
Figure 7-1. The Disassemble From Address Dialog
Figure 7-2. The Disassemble File Dialog
Figure 7-3. The Register View Window
Figure 7-4. The Register View Preferences Dialog
Figure 7-5. The Memory View Window with the Mode Submenu Displayed
Figure 8-1. Fix+Continue Status Window
Figure 8-2. Fix+Continue Build Environment Window
Figure 8-3. Debugger Main View Window
Figure 8-4. Command Line Interface with Redefined Function
Figure 8-5. Call Stack
Figure 8-6. Trap Manager Window with Redefined Function