ProDev™ WorkShop: Debugger Reference Manual

Document Number: 007-4567-002

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1. Main View Window
Primary Components of the Main View Window
Admin Menu
Views Menu
Query Menu
Source Menu
Display Menu
Perf Menu
Traps Menu
Fix+Continue Menu
Help Menu
PC Menu

2. Additional Views in the Debugger
Execution View
Multiprocess Explorer
Source View
Process Meter

3. Ada-specific Windows
Task View
Exception View

4. X/Motif Analyzer Windows
Global Objects
Breakpoints Examiner
Trace Examiner
Widget Examiner
Tree Examiner
Callback Examiner
Window Examiner
Event Examiner
Graphics Context Examiner
Pixmap Examiner
Widget Class Examiner

5. Managing Traps
Trap Manager
Signal Panel
Syscall Panel

6. Data Examination Windows
Array Browser Window
Call Stack Window
Data View Window
Expression View Window
File Browser Window
Data Explorer Window
Variable Browser Window

7. Machine-level Debugging Windows
The Disassembly View Window
The Register View Window
The Memory View Window

8. Fix+Continue Windows
Fix+Continue Status Window
Fix+Continue Message Window
Fix+Continue Build Environment Window
Changes to Debugger Views

9. Debugger Command Line
Syntax for Commands

10. Blocking Kernel System Calls