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Table 2-1. Pixel Packing Formats
Table 2-2. DM Pixel Packing Formats
Table 2-3. Image Data Types
Table 2-4. Pixel Interleaving Examples
Table 2-5. Audio Parameters
Table 2-6. Methods for Obtaining Unadjusted System Time
Table 2-7. Methods for Using UST/MSC
Table 3-1. Digital Media Parameter Data Types
Table 3-2. DM Library Routines for Setting Parameter Values
Table 3-3. DM Library Routines for Getting Parameter Values
Table 3-4. Image Defaults
Table 3-5. Audio Defaults
Table 3-6. Routines for Manipulating DMparams Lists and Entries
Table 4-1. Default Video Source
Table 4-2. Summary of VL Controls
Table 4-3. VL Event Masks
Table 4-4. Input Conversions for alReadFrames()
Table 4-5. Output Conversions for alWriteFrames()
Table 4-6. Universal Parameters
Table 6-1. Digital Media Image Converters
Table 6-2. The Digital Media Image Conversion Library API
Table 6-3. Digital Media Audio Codecs
Table 6-4. The Digital Media Audio Conversion API
Table 7-1. Mapping of AF Library Components to AIFF-C/AIFF File Chunks
Table 7-2. Audio File Library Query Functions
Table 7-3. AFfilesetup Parameters and Defaults
Table 7-4. Miscellaneous Chunk Types and Parameter Values
Table 7-5. Audio File Creation and Configuration Functions
Table 7-6. Audio File Opening, Closing and Identifying Functions
Table 7-7. Instrument Parameter Constants and Valid Values
Table 7-8. Audio File Track Reading and Writing Functions
Table A-1. The Color Space Library API
Table A-2. The DVI Audio Library API
Table A-3. The G.711 Audio Compression Library API
Table A-4. The G.722 Audio Compression Library API
Table A-5. The G.726 Audio Compression Library API
Table A-6. The G.728 Audio Compression Library API
Table A-7. The GSM Audio Compression Library API
Table A-8. The MPEG-1 Audio Compression Library API
Table A-9. The Audio Rate Conversion Library API