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Figure 1-1. Silicon Graphics Digital Media Programming Environment
Figure 2-1. Plot Simulating Human Visual Perception of Brightness vs. Color
Figure 2-2. Hue and Saturation
Figure 2-3. 10 Pictures From a Film Camera Taken at 60 Pictures Per Second
Figure 2-4. 10 Fields From a 60-Field-Per-Second Video
Figure 2-5. One Common Misinterpretation of Video Fields
Figure 2-6. Video is not Pairs of Fields of Identical Images With Alternate Scanlines
Figure 2-7. MPEG I, P, and B Frames
Figure 2-8. Audio Samples and Frames
Figure 4-1. Video Image Parameter Controls
Figure 4-2. Tearing
Figure 4-3. Line Doubling on a Single Field
Figure 4-4. Interpolating Alternate Scan Lines from Adjacent Fields
Figure 4-5. Dropped Frame
Figure 4-6. Field Duplication
Figure 4-7. Field Replacement
Figure 5-1. DMbuffer Live Data Transport Paths
Figure 5-2. Compression Path Using DMbuffers
Figure 6-1. Conversion Pipeline