Chapter 4. Digital Media I/O Examples

This chapter contains sample applications that demonstrate how to transport digital media data into and out of your workstation.

Video Capture with Compression

Example 4-1 contains a listing of streamDecompress.c, part of the dmplay.dmIC application, which demonstrates synchronized audio and video capture into a movie file. The dmplay.dmIC program demonstrates the use of DMbuffers and the dmIC API for video capture and compression on the O2 workstation.

Example 4-1. Capturing Compressed Video to Disk: dmplay.dmIC


Video I/O

This section contains examples that demonstrate video I/O on the O2 workstation. The directory /usr/share/src/dmedia/video/vl/DMbuffer contains:


include file containing definitions for this set of programs


include file containing definitions for helper functions


helper functions for this set of programs


memory to video I/O


video to memory I/O


video to screen I/O


video to video I/O